What to donate

Pens for Kids accepts all kinds of scholastic materials - new or used - such as ball point pens, pencils, felt pens, gel pens, speed markers, highlighters, crayons, pencil sharpeners, erasors, rulers, geometry sets, pencil cases, water colour sets etc.

We also accept unused notebooks and similar, but so far we don't have sufficient means to send heavy equipment such as paper, chairs, tables or blackboards to Africa.

We further accept new or used sports equipment such as balls, football clothes, track suits etc. - but again - heavy equipment is too expensive for us to send to Africa, and please consider what kinds of sports equipment are suitable. Kids in Africa have no places to use roller skates, ice skates, curling stones or similar equipment that require paved areas or other special facilities.

Why donate ?

How to send

If you deside to send your donation directly to Africa, please observe the following giudelines:

- use your national mail system

- do not use UPS, DHL or similar services (*)

- do not put anything in the package that isn't declared

- do not send food or heat-sensitive items


*) If you use UPS or similar services, the receiver may be met with considerable charges for custom fees, post office fees, storage fees and many other fees / bribes for corrupt officials. Pens for Kids can and will not cover such unreasonable charges and may have to reject the shipment in such cases.

Where to send your donation

Pens for Kids is so far made up from the following donating organisations:

Pens for Kids Denmark: www.pensforkids.dk (Danish/English) / www.pensforkids.mono.net (Danish). Pens for Kids Denmark accept donations of scholastic materials and sports equipment.


Pens for Kids UK: www.pensforkids.co.uk. Pens for Kids UK accepts donations of scholastic materials.


Pens for Kids Australia: Webpage. Pens for Kids Australia accepts donations of scholastic materials.


..and the following distributing organisations accepting all kinds of donations:

Pens for Kids Tanzania: www.pfk-tanzania.mono.net

Pens for Kids Kenya: www.pfk-kenya.mono.net

Pens for Kids Uganda: Facebook page

If you send your donation to Pens for Kids Denmark, UK or Australia, we forward the donated materials to our daughter organisations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or to schools, orphenages and similar charity organisations in development countries - at our cost. However, if the donor lives closer to Africa than we do, we kindly ask that the pens be sent directly to Africa instead, if it makes no difference to the donor. You are welcome to send pens directly to the organisations or to individual "Pens for Kids Ambassadors" - you can find their addresses on the page "PFK Ambassadors"

- Our contacts in Africa distribute the pens to underprivileged children in their local areas at no charge.


Pens for Kids Denmark occasionally transfer funds to the daughter organisations to cover the distribution costs.

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