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Donation from Irina Aggrey

Cult Pens donates 21000 pens !

Coral Guise Smith

Margaret Skovsen & Hanna Takasuka, Mesa View middle School

Select Sport A/S

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In August 2020 - amid the Corona virus crisis - we received a nice donation of pens from Irina Aggrey in the UK, and handed them over to Green Eden Children's Organisation in Arusha, Tanzania.

In these trying times it is so hart-warming to know, that there are people who care about the less fortunate.

Thank you very much Irina !

Cult Pens - - donated 21.000 pens, paid for the transport to Tanzania, and even sent 250 £ to cover the costs of distributing the pens in Tanzania.

Helen Gibson from Cult Pens handled the transport and transfer of money to Tanzania in cooperation with and Philip Amon.

Thank you so much Cult Pens & Helen Gibson !

Coral Guise Smith is a very loyal donor and has made numerous donations to Pens for Kids Tanzania.

On this occasion Coral had donated pens and exercise books.

Thank you Coral Guise Smith for your huge support to underprivileged kids in Africa.

Here I am handing out pens donated by Margaret Skovsen, Denmark, and Hanna Takasuka from Mesa View Middle School in USA - and took the oportunity to thank the Pens for Kids organisation in Denmark and the UK as well.

Thank you all for helping underprivileged kids in Tanzania. 

Select Sport A/S - - donated 825 balls to Pens for Kids Denmark.

Pens for Kids Tanzania was one of the beneficiaries and distributed the received balls to sports organisations around Arusha.

Thank you Select Sport A/S - you have put smiles on thousands of kid's faces !

ScandeNOx Aps. sponsors Pens for Kids Denmark and this website.

ScandeNOx supplies systems for NOx reduction to cement plants, power plants, waste-to-energy plants, refineries and industrial boilers, process- and combustion systems.